Our Story

Hamblin Hire had its early beginnings as Airport Handi Hire, a business established by Bob Hamblin in 1978 Located in a small rented property at the Albury Airport.

In 1980 the business moved to Fallon Street and occupied an area of land at a garden supply business. The business changed its name to Hamblin Handy Hire and Bob operated with a very small amount of equipment in what was seemingly an oversized garden shed.

In 1982 Bob Hamblin‚ son Michael joined the business and together they began to grow the business slowly increasing the size of the plant and equipment. In 1986 another name change took place to reflect the true nature of the business and became Hamblin Hire.

After steering the company through very hard and tough years Bob Hamblin retired in 1992. The business is now owned by Mike and Ursula Hamblin and has continued a steady growth. The expansion of the business can be reflected in its current location in Drome Street Albury.

Since its early beginnings in the late 70‚ Hamblin Hire has grown from the smallest hire business in the region to what is arguably one of the largest and best between the capital cities. Mike and Ursula today still maintain the values set by Bob Hamblin in those early years that can be attributed as a factor to the growth of the business.

Hamblin Hire is now focused on developing further their services in the Commercial Sector, Contractors and Builders as well as the Home Handy person areas providing ever-increasing ranges of equipment in those areas.